The Great Comeback Story of the Little Orange Almond Cake That Could


“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

So said American writer Ernestine Ulmer. Very wise woman, that Ernestine.

Whether your thing is chocolate, something fruity, creamy or cheesy, dessert is the muse of many riled passions.

The BRHS COVID Cook Off crew has proven themselves a hot-blooded and luxuriant bunch, whizzing up all manner of sweet and saucy creations this past week.

We left the judging this week to a true dessert devotee, BRHS Podiatrist Dharshini “I loooove all things sweet” Brennan.

Take it away, Dharshini.

“I love orange and almond cake, and Libby Byrnes’ version of this, plus cheese cake, was a no brainer,” Dharshini said. “Loved the look of the cake, the layers and the flaked chocolate on top. I like to call this Wonderful Libby’s orange almond cheesecake with chocolate ganache (what a recipe name!).”

Libby herself was modest and pragmatic about how it all came about.

“My baked choc-orange cheesecake is another rescue job,” she said. “I stuffed up an orange almond cake so decided to use that as the base…”

Dharshini’s high commendations go to Eilis O’Haire’s Chocolate Guinness Cake (staple for St Pat’s day definitely), Amy Desmond with her frozen strawberry Daiquiri (outside the box thinking – yum) and Allyson Reddick with her lovely looking white chocolate mud cake (and wonderful decoration on top).

You can see all these treats and more at the BRHS COVID Cook Off facebook page, including the recipe for Libby’s hybrid orange almond cheesecake.


The theme for the coming week is “Traditional Family Recipes” – share one of your favourite family recipes that has been handed down through the generations.

Entry deadline is Wednesday, 30 Sept. at noon.

To enter, join our BRHS COVID Cook Off facebook group and post your recipe, photos of the dish and any comments.

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