The Latest COVID Changes – What They Mean for East Gippsland

Won’t it be lovely to see that person’s smile as you walk past? (Make sure you respond with a big smile of your own!)

Most East Gippslanders will have already heard of the changes to COVID-19 regulations announced by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton on Sunday.

Victoria has now officially moved to Last Step restrictions.

Here’s a recap of some of the key changes:

  • Masks are still required in all indoor settings, unless an exemption applies;
  • You need to wear a mask outside if you cannot maintain a safe distance from others – such as in a queue;
  • There are no restrictions on reasons to leave home;
  • You can have up to 15 visitors in your home in a day.; (that will increase to 30 on December 14);
  • Outdoor gatherings at parks and beaches will increase to 50 people;
  • Contact and non-contact sport and recreation can resume for all ages, with limits applying to numbers of people;
  • Indoor physical recreation and sport can commence with 150 people in 150 people, in groups of 20, one per four square metres;
  • Outdoor sport can commence with 500 people, with groups of 50 following the one per four square metres as well;
  • Gyms will open up to a maximum of 150 people in groups of 20, with one person per four square metres;
  • Indoor pools can host 150 people and outdoor pools will now host 300 people;
  • Skate parks and indoor trampolining centres will increase to 150 people;

For more information about the current COVID regulations, visit: