The Power of Praise – BRHS Staff Nominate Colleagues for Trademark Behaviours Awards

Jamie Haas was nominated by colleague Raina Gibbs for BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours Awards. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Here’s a simple truth – it feels great to say something nice about someone.

It’s the simplest pick-me-up there is. It costs nothing, anyone can do it, and it only takes a moment.

In the work setting, telling a colleague they are doing a great job can also have a really profound impact on the spirit and energy of your team.

It’s good for you, it’s good for them, and it’s good for your workplace. That’s a win-win (+win?)

The deadline for nominations is Friday, Aug. 16. Take a few moments to nominate a BRHS colleague or team today!

Which is why it’s been great to see so many nominations come in for BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours Awards, which recognise employees for their excellent contribution and demonstration of the principles, values and characteristics that BRHS staff strive to maintain.

One of those staff people to nominate a colleague is Medical Audio Typist Raina Gibbs, who used our simple online form to praise the work of Medical Imaging Administrative Assistant Jamie Haas, who recently stepped up into a new role.

“During this time she has consistently displayed the trademark behaviours of ‘Be Positive and Support Others’ and ‘Display Trust and Mutual Respect’ by supporting all team members including myself,” Raina wrote in her nomination.

“Nothing is too much trouble and she thinks outside of the box to help everyone reach an appropriate outcome. The depth of Jamie’s support has enabled me to look at my own shortcomings and work towards a better outcome for all involved.”

What a lovely statement of praise and encouragement. Good on you, Raina.

BRHS staff are encouraged to nominate a colleague or team in any department or role across the health service that they think exemplifies one or more of our Trademark Behaviours, which are:

  • Step up and Take Responsibility
  • Be Positive and Support Others
  • Display Trust and Mutual Respect
  • Learn and Apply Knowledge
  • Courage to Change

The deadline for nominations is Friday, Aug. 16!

Take a few moments to nominate a BRHS colleague or team today!