“The Three Maskateers” – at the Frontline of Our COVID Response

Dina Schreuder (Flanagan Ward), Tarrlita Kay (Allied Health) and Liz Brown (Planned Activity Group) – some of the staff redeployed from other areas to provide the vital screening service at the hospital. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Anyone that has visited the hospital over the past few weeks will have seen them.

They are front and centre in the hospital’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the first line of interaction with what this means for people in this community that need to come to the hospital.

They are often anonymous, but very visible.

Introducing, “the Three Maskateers.”

“We are all in this together, keeping each other safe.”

These are the BRHS staff, redeployed from their usual jobs, whose task is to make that sure that we do not inadvertently let coronavirus in through our doors.

With three screening staff rostered on at a time, the name “Three Maskateers” has become a fun and affectionate team nickname of sorts.

Over the past 6 weeks they have screened every person that has set foot in the building – taking their temperature and checking them for other coronavirus risk factors.

On busy days, they screen more than 300 people. Occasionally, those people get a little testy, frustrated by what they might perceive as an unnecessary intrusion and delay.

But for us, these screeners are critical and much appreciated protection against a deadly disease. The challenging job they are doing is a vital community service.

For Dina Schreuder, one of the Three Maskateers whose usual job is as a Rehab Nurse on the Flanagan Ward, the experience of working as one with BRHS staff from various areas during the pandemic has been gratifying.

She said the community had quickly come to understand and appreciate the purpose of the screening, and its necessity during this unusual time.

“We are all in this together, keeping each other safe,” she said.

“We’d love to thank the public for your patience and support during this time. We have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you.”