Tinsel Explosion Devastates Maddocks Gardens – Elf Workshop Miraculously Rebuilt In Its Place

Kate Churches, Carolyn Morgan, Karen Witty and Lee Harvey in the Christmas wonderland at Maddocks Gardens. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Oh, it’s on now, people.

The staff at Maddocks Gardens have well and truly thrown down the gauntlet.

They want to win the much-coveted annual Christmas prize for the “Most Festive” department at BRHS, and they’re willing to do whatever decorating it takes to make that happen.

Under the cover of darkness, elf operatives Deb Eveleigh and Lee Harvey worked their Christmas spirit magic on the foyer area at Maddocks Gardens one recent very early morning.

And when the sun rose it revealed a spectacular North Pole-esque display, an explosion of tinsel, tape and yuletide goodness to warm the hearts of even the Grinchiest Grinch.

Should we just hand out the prize now?

Or is there a department out there that can challenge them?

Judging will take place the week beginning Dec. 16, with the winner announced that Friday, Dec. 20.