Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work


Today, Wednesday, 28 April, is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and Workers’ Memorial Day.

The day provides an opportunity to reflect on how to prevent work-related occupational diseases, deaths, injuries, and illnesses.

It is also a day to remember those that have died from a work-related injury or illness.

While the number of work-related fatalities in Australia has been steadily decreasing over the last decade, any workplace death is tragic and unacceptable.

By raising awareness of occupational health and safety (OHS) issues and taking action to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks at work, we can help prevent further work-related fatalities and injuries.

The theme for World Day for Safety and Health at Work this year is Anticipate, prepare and respond to crises and invest now in resilient OHS systems.

The theme acknowledges the impact that the global COVID-19 pandemic has had on our working lives and the importance of building an effective, resilient, and adaptable OHS framework.

Workplaces can do this by undertaking risk management that is planned, systematic and covers all reasonably foreseeable hazards and associated risks.

A risk assessment can be undertaken with varying degrees of detail depending on the type of hazard and the information, data, and resources that you have available.

The theme is also reflective of the BRHS OHS 3 year Improvement Program which focuses on identifying areas for improvement within our OHS framework and providing solutions to mitigate risk and increase OHS awareness.

OHS risk management can be as simple as a discussion with staff or involve specific risk analysis tools and techniques developed for specific risks or recommended by safety professionals.

Contact our OHS Advisor, Evan Downie, if you would like more information or feel a risk assessment would benefit your team.

You can reach Evan on or ext. 66640