Way Beyond Porridge – BRHS Staff Dish Up Their Campfire Favourites


The hugely popular BRHS COVID Cook Off roared into Week 2 this week with the challenging theme of Best Camping Cuisine.

And just like in Week 1, BRHS staff of all talents and persuasions rose to the occasion, submitting pics and recipes of their favourite campfire nosh that had many a salivary gland working overtime.

For Week 2 guest judge Nick Fordham, it was an unenviable task to pick a winner.

“This week’s theme has absolutely inspired me to light a fire and break out the cast iron cookware,” he said. “Thanks to all involved!”

“For reasons of sheer practicality and usability this week’s winner is Donna Smith’s camping fajitas. I will be trying these shortly (Wendy’s creamy bacon chicken was a hit at home this week too).”

“Special mention to both the banana-related desserts submitted by Neva and Jo, they put our local takeaway’s banana fritters to shame!”

Congratulations Donna, and everyone else that submitted recipes!


The theme for Week 3 is: Bring Us Your Bestest Breakfast!

As Father’s Day happens to be this weekend, what better way to kill two birds with one…. Anti-Covid Cook Off! (Thanks Leo – your averse naming is much more suitable!)

Produce your special breakfast dish for the Dad in your household and enter the BRHS Cook Off challenge at the same time!

If you can’t be with your Dad (as many of us can’t) take a pic of your amazing brekky and send it to him.

Let him know you are thinking of him (and you will cook this for him when you are next together) or take some time to treasure your memories and remember.

Entry deadline is Wednesday, 9 Sept at noon.

To enter, join our BRHS COVID Cook Off facebook group and post your recipe, photos of the dish and any comments.

If you’re not on facebook you can email your entry to phew@brhs.com.au