We Are Raising Awareness of How Invisible Disability Impacts Accessing Healthcare

Image courtesy www.invisibledisabilities.com.au/


Do you have an invisible disability?

Or perhaps, like many of us, you are wondering what exactly is an invisible disability?

The theme of International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3 is “Not All Disabilities Are Visible,” and BRHS is taking the opportunity to raise awareness of disabilities which may not be immediately apparent but can still have an impact on people’s lives.

An invisible disability is any long-term impairment, health condition or illness that isn’t immediately visible in most everyday circumstances.

Autism is one of the most commonly described invisible disabilities, but they also include things like chronic pain, brain injury, anxiety disorders, diabetes, sight or hearing impairments, depression or epilepsy.

BRHS Disability Liaison Officer April Freely said people with invisible disabilities encountered many barriers to accessing health care in the same way that people with “visible” disabilities do.

“But there isn’t the same level of awareness about invisible disabilities, or the challenges people with an invisible disability face at BRHS,” she said.

So we are looking to speak with someone that has an invisible disability, to hear from them about how it impacts their daily life and their experience accessing health care.

Do you have an invisible disability, and would be willing to be interviewed by BRHS for a short video about invisible disabilities?

Reach out to April Freely at ext. 66384 or disability.liaison@brhs.com.au