What Do You Know About Our Social Work Team?

The BRHS Social Work team – Justine Ward, Casey Brownlie, Fiona Jennings, David Ritter and Natasha Willett.


Do you know when you need to contact a Social Worker for help with a patient?

The patients we work with every day at the hospital can have a lot going on in their lives, and their healthcare journey is often complex and very personal.

As a nurse, doctor or healthcare professional, do you know when it is appropriate to contact BRHS’ Social Work team for their support with a patient?

If you’re unsure, call the Social Work team and ask them.

The number you call to contact a BRHS Social Worker is ext. 66388.

The Role of the Social Worker

The role of the Social Worker at BRHS is to support patients and their families who may have complex psycho-social needs that may cause problems for their discharge or rehabilitation.

These include things like concerns for their safety and wellbeing at home, trauma and anxiety issues, bereavement and depression, drug and alcohol dependency, and financial and housing issues.

If your patient has complex psycho-social concerns like these, then a BRHS Social Worker may be able to help.

Our Social Workers engage in therapeutic practice which includes casework, counselling, crisis and clinical intervention. They also assist with referral pathways to specialised services, including help for issues involving alcohol and other drugs, child and family, mental health, family violence, financial, housing, legal and aged care.

Meet the Team

Our Social Work team is Fiona Jennings, Casey Brownlie, Justine Ward, David Ritter and Natasha Willett.

Although it looks like a large team, most of the Social Workers are only at BRHS part-time, amounting to the equivalent of two full-time staff and a team leader.

They work across most areas of the hospital, and with limited capacity it is important for staff to be aware of what services they provide and when is the right time to engage them in a patient’s care. They are not your best option for general patient discharge assistance.

That Number Again…

If you are unsure about whether our Social Workers can assist with your patient, or just want to learn more about the service they provide, give them a call on ext. 66388.