What Does January 26 Mean to You?


Photo courtesy Joey Csunyo/Unsplash


What does January 26 mean to you?

A day off? A barbecue and fireworks?

A celebration of who we are as a nation? A day of mourning and invasion?

A celebration of survival?

Australians hold many different views on what January 26 means to them.

In recent years, these different views have become points of conflict and fracture, in our communities and across the nation.

Here at BRHS, we’ll be using January 26 as an opportunity to try and think from the perspectives of others about what this day might represent for them.

Being able to think from the perspective of others is not always easy to do. But we are up to the challenge.

The good folks at Reconciliation Australia have produced this excellent resource about how many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel about January 26.

We hope you can take a few moments to check it out, and reflect on how we can create a day that all Australians can celebrate and be proud of.