Where Is Your Happy Place?


Whether you’re a nurse, a cleaner, a cook or a surgeon, working in a health service can be a stressful job.

And so it’s important to always leave enough time in your life for doing whatever it is you like to do to stay happy, healthy and balanced.

For some people, a yoga mat is their happy place.

For others, it might be a dance class, or a mountain bike track, or an art gallery.

For the month of October, the BRHS PHEW (Positive Health and Employee Wellbeing) crew is promoting the various groups and resources available in the local area related to health, wellbeing and mindfulness.

We hope it inspires staff to try something they haven’t done before, and find a new “happy place.”

As part of that, we want BRHS staff to tell us about the things they do to relax and recharge.

And so we’re asking “Where is your Happy Place?”

The answer could be a cooking class or a secluded beach. Maybe it’s the BARC pool, or a regular meet-up with like-minded people.

Wherever you go to focus on your health and wellbeing, we’d love to hear about it! Email jake.lynch@brhs.com.au.

Here’s one to get us started.


Jake Lynch


Media and Communications Coordinator


The Tambo River.

We live in Metung, so we’re really close by. The beautiful lakes and rivers were a big reason we decided to move to East Gippsland.

I’m a pretty terrible fisherman, but spending a few hours with my family on the banks of the river, watching the birds glide by, is so serene and relaxing. Luckily, I’m rarely interrupted by an actual biting fish.

My son will throw some rocks in the water, and we’ll watch the sun set. Pretty speccy.

The other place I go when I need a “wellbeing break” is the rail-trail. I like to run, and it’s perfect because it’s pretty flat, mostly shady, and surrounded by beautiful views.

My favourite section is from Tambo Upper into Bruthen.


Where do you go? Let me know at jake.lynch@brhs.com.au.