Which Team Wants it More? BRHS Staff Go Head to Head for Active April!


Active April is an initiative of Get Active Victoria that is all about encouraging people to (who can guess?)… yes, be active!

Here at BRHS, our PHEW Crew is jumping on the Active April bandwagon and launching another super-sweaty and fitnessy fun intra-org BRHS brouhaha.

PHEW is urging you and your colleagues to fight it out for the title of Most Active Directorate at BRHS!

They’ve gone ahead and created teams on the Get Active Victoria website for each of the Directorates.

Now, all that is waiting is for you to lace up your shoes, put on your serious trackies, and rack up some minutes for your team.

  • Go to Get Active Victoria website https://app.getactive.vic.gov.au/register
  • Register as an individual
  • Then join your directorate team by entering the team id as shown below:
    • brhs-clinical-operations
    • brhs-quality-and-ed
    • brhs-medical-services
    • brhs-people-and-culture
    • brhs-corporate-services
    • brhs-community-wellbeing

Set goals, use the activity tracker, and enjoy some friendly rivalry with your colleagues.

Stay tuned for updates from the PHEW crew as April approaches.

Got questions? Get answers at phew@brhs.com.au.