With BRHS Traineeship, Tilly Gibbs Finds a Career for Her Passion

BRHS’ new Trainee Gardener, Tilly Gibbs. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


As far as career advice goes, this little offering is pretty much unbeatable: Do something you love.

For Matilda “Tilly” Gibbs that something is gardening.

That’s a love that many of us can understand. There’s something deeply satisfying about being outside, getting your hands in the soil, and nurturing seeds and shoots into something beautiful.

“I’ve always loved working in my veggie garden at home,” Tilly said. “Being outside, working with plants, it’s just something I’ve always loved.”

Well that’s good, because Tilly recently joined BRHS as a Trainee Gardener, working 3 days a week.

She can now earn a wage doing something she is passionate about while she completes her Certificate III in Horticulture through TAFE Gippsland.

And, under the expert tutelage of our Gardeners John Cantwell and Stacy Toland, Tilly is thriving.

“It’s been really great, everyone has been so nice and welcoming,” she said.

Tilly’s apprenticeship is just one of the excellent opportunities we provide for students – in both high school, university and beyond – to kick start their careers through work at BRHS.

To learn more, reach out to Kylie Hayes, our Workplace Training and Development Officer, at kylie.hayes@brhs.com.au or 5150 3362.