Women’s Health Week Begins Sept. 6 at BRHS


Women’s Health Week, September 6 – 11, is the largest health campaign in Australia focusing on good health and wellbeing for women and girls.

During Women’s Health Week, BRHS will be joining this nationwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing and preventing future health problems for all women and girls in Australia.

Here’s some info for staff about Women’s Health Week at BRHS:

  • Sign up at womenshealthweek.com.au to receive free health articles, podcasts, recipes and a chance to win a $5,000 Sleep Maker package.
  • Complimentary morning tea and show bags delivered to each department
  • Women’s Health Information stand located outside the staff dining room
  • Join the live facebook aerobics workout by Fernwood Fitness on Monday, 6 Sept. at 7am – register here
  • Register for the next cervical screening clinic at chealth@brhs.com.au
  • Access health and wellbeing information and great recipes at www.jeanhailes.org.au