Inpatient Withdrawal Bed Program


BRHS’ Inpatient Withdrawal Bed Program assists people with dependence on alcohol and/or other drugs who are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using.

Services are free and funded by the Victorian Government.

For information about the Inpatient Withdrawal Bed Program,



For information for service providers, including pre-admission checklist and forms


There are generally two ways to enter into the Withdrawal Bed Program at Bairnsdale Regional Health Service.

1. By contacting the local intake provider in your area.

For the Gippsland catchment, this is ACSO Connect, (Australian Community Services Organisation).
Contact ACSO on 1300 022 760.

You can also complete a self-referral online via ACSO. To find more information about ACSO or to self-refer, please visit their website –

2. People seeking treatment may also be referred to the ACSO intake service from a range of health and human service providers that you may already be linked with, such as your local GP/Doctor or Mental Health Provider.

Getting in contact with ACSO is the first step to recovery.

ACSO is the primary entry point for admission into BRHS Withdrawal Bed Program.

During the intake process, you will be asked a few questions to determine an appropriate treatment pathway for you.

From here, you will be referred for a comprehensive assessment in your area.

This is to help determine the right treatment for you, and your support needs.

This assessment is important, as is your openness in answering questions as the information will be used to link you in with other services in the area that will assist your recovery.

The comprehensive assessment and pre-admission forms must be completed before any admissions into the BRHS Withdrawal Bed Program can take place.

Contact ACSO now on 1300 022 760 or via website at


Withdrawal Bed Program Checklist and Pre-Admission

Please ensure all documents are completed before starting your client’s pre-admission into the Inpatient Withdrawal Bed Program.

If you have any questions regarding the program please email the team at

All community based service providers are required to provide all the documents in the below checklist prior to receiving an admission into the Inpatient Withdrawal Bed Program.

If you do not have all of the required documents, please gather the necessary information and return to this page at a later date.

Once BRHS receives the relevant referral documentation, your client will be contacted to schedule an admission date into the program.



□  Completed Victorian AOD Comprehensive Assessment

□  Current GP Health Summary including all Medical History, current Medications, Pathology results, Physical and Mental Health concerns

□  ACSO Identifier Number (for forensic clients only)

□  Signed Inpatient Behavioural Agreement Form

□  Signed Consent to Treatment and Sharing of Personal Information

□  All clients prior to admission must read and understand the BRHS Inpatient Withdrawal Bed Program information sheet

□  Optional – Victorian AOD Intake Tool and Self Completion Form

To start the pre-admission process, please email the required documents listed above to