Our Oncology Medical Ambulatory Day Unit (MADU) operates Monday to Friday during business hours.

We work as a team with our medical specialists and Allied Health professionals to provide the best possible care for the special needs of people with cancer and other chronic health conditions that require treatments manageable in a day unit.

Nursing staff within the Oncology Unit have extensive experience in all aspects of cancer care. Apart from the administration of systemic anti-cancer treatments y and other treatment related services, services such as family education, counselling and support to cancer patients in the unit are  provided.

We are happy to accommodate many elements of cancer care for patients requiring systemic anti-cancer treatments.

To help our patients and visitors understand how the unit operates, the following information may be helpful:

  • Not all cancers are treated with the same chemotherapy. The medical Oncologist or Haematologist will order the systemic anti-cancer treatments that best suits the patient and their condition.
  • Some patients see the medical Oncologist or Haematologist prior to every treatment, whereas others may see the Doctor every month and have treatment with the nurses on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • Upon arrival to the unit for treatment or an appointment with the Doctor, patients must see the Ward Clerk so we know that they are here.
  • The Ward Clerk will also arrange for your next appointments with the medical Team.
  • Sometimes side effects of your treatment (low blood count, nausea or vomiting) mean that the patient may not be able to have treatment. If the patient does not feel well and they haven’t seen the Doctor, please let nursing staff know.


Additional Information