Thirty births: Bree’s latest step to midwife future

A woman in a dark blue BRHS nurse's uniform is holding a small box of cakes and a balloon with the figure "30" on it.

A Bairnsdale Regional Health Service nurse has just passed a key career milestone in her postgraduate studies to become a midwife – assisting in her 30th birth at the BRHS’ Maternity Unit.

Registered Nurse Bree Jolley, who has worked for BRHS in various roles over the past seven years, is in her second year of postgraduate study with Federation University to become a Registered Midwife.

She is required to assist in 30 births to achieve her registration.

The Maternity Unit team gave Bree some balloons and served cake to celebrate the milestone.

“I was pleasantly surprised about the balloons and the cake. It was great to have the support of the whole team in Maternity,” she said. “It’s nice that they got behind me and shared that celebration with me.

Bree started with BRHS as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse, achieved her Bachelor of Nursing to become a Registered Nurse in 2019 and, along the way, had two children. She said she’s excited about the next phase in her career.

“I have been employed through the hospital for roughly seven years and I have always wanted to do Midwifery,” she said.

“I have really enjoyed it. The two years (as a postgraduate midwifery candidate) have just flown.”

The BRHS Postgraduate Midwifery course differs from most in that it is a paid role. Candidates earn as they learn with a paid position for six days per fortnight in between their studies over a two-year period.

Bree is due to complete her studies in November this year.

BRHS Maternity Unit Manager Laura Griffiths said Bree has achieved a great deal while working at BRHS.

“Bree has flourished as a student midwife and the whole maternity team is excited to continue supporting her to complete her studies,” she said.

“She hopes to take on a permanent midwife position next year at BRHS.”

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