Recognising those staff that strive to always demonstrate the highest values of BRHS.

Whatever your role here at BRHS, you make a vital contribution to the functioning of a great health service.

We know this is often demanding work, and it requires talented and committed people to do it.

That’s why it’s really important that the incredible work our staff does is recognised, valued and appreciated.

If you work at BRHS, now’s your chance to praise a colleague or team that you think deserves recognition.

Nominations are now open for BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours Awards, which recognise employees for their excellent contribution and demonstration of the principles, values and characteristics that BRHS staff strive to maintain.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your nomination.

BRHS staff are encouraged to nominate a colleague or team in any department or role across the health service that they think exemplifies one or more of our Trademark Behaviours, which are:

  • Step up and Take Responsibility
  • Be Positive and Support Others
  • Display Trust and Mutual Respect
  • Learn and Apply Knowledge
  • Courage to Change

The Award Categories

Best First Year Player

Nominees will have worked for BRHS for more than 3 months and less than 18 months and displayed a consistently high level of enthusiasm and competence in their new role, demonstrating a willingness to “Step up and take responsibility”.

The 2020 winner of the Best First Year Player Award was Graduate Nurse Lisa Redenbach, of whom one colleague said “Lisa’s energy supports others to build on their positive attitudes and provides welcome relief in our current climate where stress is affecting many.”

Ms/Mr. Congeniality

Nominees will have displayed a consistently high level of alignment with the Trademark Behaviours of “Be Positive and Support Others” and “Display Trust and Mutual Respect”.

Last year’s winner of the Ms./Mr. Congeniality Award was Orderly (and now Theatre Tech) Graham Hackett.

“Each time he sees you he treats you like you are really special in how he greets you and communicates with you.” 

The Einstein Award

Nominees will have demonstrated a commitment to professional and personal development and have generously shared their knowledge and skills for the benefit of BRHS, displaying an eagerness to “Learn and Apply Knowledge”.

The winner of the Einstein Award in 2020 was the Cardiac Rehabilitation team, for revolutionising how they provided cardiac rehabilitation services during a pandemic lockdown.

The Innovator

Nominees will have introduced a new concept or actively participated in a quality improvement project which has resulted in positive change for patients, staff and/or BRHS, demonstrating their “Courage to Change.”

The winner of The Innovator Award last year was Physiotherapist Emma McKinney, for finding new and creative ways to inspire and energise her colleagues.

The ‘My Team is BRHS’ Award

The ‘My Team is BRHS’ Award is awarded to one team each year.

The award acknowledges outstanding innovation and team achievements. Consideration is given to teams that exemplify the organisation’s principles and achieve excellence in areas such as Quality, Safety and/or Excellent Service.

In 2021 the ‘My Team is BRHS’ Award was shared by the Supply/Procurement team, and the ICT team.

Nominate an individual or team for their excellence and commitment to BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours.