Victorian Rural Generalist Program (VRGP)

Live and work in one of the most beautiful regions of Australia.

The Victorian Rural Generalist Program is a state-wide end-to-end Rural Generalist training program that allows the future Rural Generalist workforce to train, work and live in rural and regional Victoria.

In addition to providing a diverse and rewarding training experience, the long-term objective of the VRGP is to increase the employment of Rural Generalists in rural health services and communities across Victoria.

“A Rural Generalist is a medical practitioner who is trained to meet the specific current and future healthcare needs of Australian rural and remote communities, in a sustainable and cost-effective way, by providing both comprehensive general practice and emergency care and required components of other medical specialist care in hospital and community settings as part of a rural healthcare team.”
(The Collingrove Agreement, January 2018)

The VRGP offers trainees a defined and supported training pathway from intern to Fellowship, in the region of their choice.

The VRGP has five Regional Coordinators located in rural Victoria.

The Regional Coordinators assist trainees to navigate their training pathway and provide career support throughout their training journey and into employment as a Rural Generalist.

Rural Generalist Year 1 (RG1) Program

Gippsland RG1s complete their core rotations at either Bairnsdale Regional Health Service or Central Gippsland Health. They also complete a 20-week extended community-based rotation at one of our three participating GP clinics: Macleod Street Medical Centre, Bairnsdale; Cunninghame Arm Medical Centre, Lakes Entrance, or Clocktower Medical Centre, Sale.

The 20-week extended rotation allows our RG1s to become familiar with the interface between primary and secondary care, and gain a better understanding of the life of a Rural Generalist.

The program offers an extended education program, undertaken at a clinic, hospital and RG program level. RG1s are also funded to attend the ACRRM Rural Emergency Skills Training (REST) course.

The RG1 program provides a great introduction to a Rural Generalist career by providing training in both a health service and primary care setting while working along-side and being mentored by Rural Generalists. 

To apply for RG1 positions, RG1 trainees should:

  • Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to a career as a Rural Generalist
  • Identify why you aspire to become a Rural Generalist
  • Outline your understanding of Rural Generalist training requirements
  • Provide an outline of your Rural Generalist career pathway

The Gippsland Rural Generalist

About the Region

The Gippsland region boasts a stunning natural environment, mild climate and easy lifestyle. It’s a region endowed with lazy rivers, brisk high-country, wild beaches and of course the Gippsland Lakes.

Cafes, galleries, theatres, fine wine, fabulous food, indigenous art, wild walks and weekend markets are many. You can find them lakeside, beachside, off the beaten track or in the relative hubbub of town.

For those who enjoy an adventure Gippsland has much to offer with rail trails, cycling, kayaking, sailing, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, skiing and snowboarding all at your doorstep.

You will become part of the community, meet friends and experience new passions that will change what you value most.

The joy of rural life and generalist medicine – where you can make your own adventure!


Applications for Rural Generalist Year 1 positions for the 2024 training year are through the PMCV Victorian Intern Match, which opens 8 May 2023.

All five Rural Generalist year 1 positions will be offered through the Victorian Rural Preferential Allocation (VRPA) round.

More information about the match – including information about the Victorian Rural Preferential Allocation (VRPA) round – is available here

If you are interested in joining our program in 2024, please make contact prior to the match.

Give us a call on (03) 5150 3448 or email us. We will be happy to answer questions and organise a tour for you.



“The internship in Gippsland has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me.

Dr Joyce Shuang Xiao (that’s her on the left…)

“I was able to be involved in aspects of a patient’s medical care that you simply miss out on in larger tertiary hospitals.”

Dr Tom Dilks, (that’s him on the right…)

Hear from our trainees

“The internship in Gippsland has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me.
I thoroughly enjoyed the plentiful hands-on experiences in a well-supported environment.
The program has an impressive education program and I particularly valued the additional ad-hoc tutorials from visiting specialists.
The opportunities to hone my clinical knowledge and skills in general practice, as well as the fantastic non-clinical support for us all made this year a very positive one.
Additionally, you get to experience the beauty that Gippsland has to offer!”
Dr Joyce Shuang Xiao, 2020.

“Starting my journey as a junior doctor in rural Gippsland has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I found the environment highly supportive, working in a diverse team of doctors with different backgrounds and skill sets, but all available to support you when needed and always willing to teach.
As I got more comfortable and confident throughout the year I was able to be involved in aspects of a patients medical care that you simply miss out on in larger tertiary hospitals – whether that’s leading a trauma code in the ED, managing a patient in SVT at a MET call, or having your own regular patients in the GP clinic.
This program gets you actively involved, feeling like a real doctor, and making a difference to patient’s lives.
I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to complete terms in a GP clinic as part of the program, and would recommend to anyone who has ever considered a career as a GP (and even those who haven’t!). 
The skills and experience I have gained during this year will be invaluable as a progress through my development as a medical professional, and the connections I have made will mean I will always feel welcome in Gippsland.
I could not ask for more out of the first year working as a new doctor! “
Dr Tom Dilks, Gippsland RG1 2020

Some features of BRHS include:

  • 52 Acute Beds
  • 19 Sub-Acute Beds
  • Modern Theatre Suite
  • High Dependency Unit
  • Day Procedure Unit
  • Oncology/Medical Ambulatory Day Unit
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Emergency Department + Short Stay Unit
  • Palliative Care
  • Maternity Services
  • Aged Care Facility
  • Allied Health Services
  • Medical Outpatient Services
  • Home-Based Services  including Hospital in the Home, Community Health and a CBD campus.

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