You Know Them Best – RAISE Campaign Encourages Patients, Families to Raise Their Hand for Help

BRHS is redoubling its efforts to encourage patients and their loved ones to be actively involved in their care and treatment.

Beside every bed at the Bairnsdale hospital now you’ll find information about what to do in the event that you are concerned about your condition or that of the person you are visiting.

The RAISE campaign makes clear the 3 simple steps you should follow in this instance:

  • STEP 1 Talk to the nurse looking after you or your loved one.
  • STEP 2 Ask to speak to nurse in charge and request a clinical review.
  • STEP 3 Call the numbers on the poster to reach the Clinical Coordinator and say “this is a RAISE call.”

BRHS Postgraduate Nurse Educator and Resuscitation Coordinator, Robyn Adams, said her team sought the input and direction of community members to make sure the RAISE campaign was clear and helpful to those people who use the health service.

“As healthcare workers we are fully aware that often families or carers can see a change in a loved one before we can, because they know the patient better than we do,” Robyn said. “RAISE is about making sure there is a process in place if and when that happens, so we can respond in a timely manner.”

“By having RAISE materials next to every bed, and making sure it is embedded in everything our nurses and medical staff do, we want to encourage patients, family and carers to engage with staff if they notice that ‘something is not quite right.’”

Denice Spence, who helped advise BRHS on the development of the RAISE campaign, said she felt patients might hesitate to ask medical staff if things are alright, thinking they are already doing all that is required.

“I may not understand why I feel the way I do, and sometimes I may feel worse but might think it is the medication,”she said. “I need the medical professionals to ask me, and ask me again in a different way to delve further; how do I feel?”

Download this brochure for more information about RAISE.

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