“A Great Role Model” – Jacob Ellis Heralded for Support of Students

Tambo Ward Nurse Jacob Ellis has been recognised for his outstanding support of nursing students, named Clinical Supervisor of the Month by the BRHS Education Team.

“Well done Jacob on the exceptional patient care that is noticed by the students, and providing them with the tools to make safe clinical decisions,” wrote Undergraduate Clinical Supervision Educator, Wendy Reynolds. “He advocates for his patients and gives the student a well-rounded experience of the care delivery required to manage patient safely. Jacob has advanced in his practice and allows the student to consider the decision and actions towards optimal care.”

“Jacob creates a culture of inclusion and support. He greets his students with respect and takes the time to seek out their needs and learning goals. He communicates early to the undergraduate educators if he recognises any concerns with a student’s performance.”

“Jacob has evolved in the role and responsibility of managing students by preparing them for the shift, identifying the learning objectives and looking for opportunities to further develop clinical skills. He completes timely feedback and helps the student progress towards confidence and safety. He has exceptional professional standards of practice and is recognised by students as a great role model.”

“Tambo is a busy ward and it is pleasing to see Jacob advance his practice while allowing the student to develop in a supportive, learning environment.”

Well done Jacob, for your contribution to strengthening our nursing profession of the future!

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